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How to optimize your listing page to book more clients

How to optimize your listing page to book more clients

Make sure to add these key elements to your listing page to help clients find your listing, connect with your content, and book your services.

Choose Your Listing Type

Individual Service: Choose this type if you would like to create a listing based on your individual services. If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, or professional provider. 

Business: Choose this type of you own a physical business or location (ie. Clinic or Wellness Center) and would like to create a listing on behalf of the business itself. 

Event: Choose this type if you are hosting an online or in-person event that you plan to sell tickets to.

How to name your listing

  • When it comes to your listing title, here are a few things to consider:

– If you are naming your listing as a Business, use your full business name

– If you are naming your listing as a specific service you offer, consider including the Service Type and your name (ie. Nutritionist – Sarah B.)

Remember, you can add as many listings as you’d like! This is especially helpful for providers that have several certifications or licenses.


Adding Category and Keywords

Choose the category that most closely resembles your service or business. If you don’t see the one you want, please email us We’d be happy to add it in! 

As for keywords, we recommend adding 5-10 keywords that describe what you offer and what people might be searching to find you. 

About You

It’s all about you! Take up as much space as you need to list out your bio, your story, your certifications, your specialties, and your experience. When a client comes across your page, they want the backstory and a reason to connect with you, so don’t be afraid to humbly brag!


We recommend adding a minimum of 4 photos that give the client a look into your service or business. Be sure to click on one of the images to “star” and make that the featured listing image (this is what clients will see in the search results). Remember, first impressions matter!

External Booking Link

If you have your own website that you prefer to book from, or you work as part of a clinic, here is your opportunity to add in a link that allows clients to book directly with you on your own site. Remember to add https:// before the url. 

YouTube Video

“But what if I don’t have a YouTube channel?” That’s ok! We recommend create a 30sec-1min intro video, uploading to YouTube (you can make this an unlisted link) and including it in your listing. What better way to break the ice that allow clients to get a glimpse of who you are and what you’re all about!


Add in as many socials as you maintain, help clients connect with you online.

Your Price Range

This shows up as a tag on the listing search page for client to understand your pricing. Feel free to just add the minimum. 

Listing Out Your Services

You have the option here to list out a few of the services you offer to give clients an idea of how they would work with you. Include an image, name, description, price, and select the fee structure (one time vs recurring). 

Set Your Location

If you have a business listed on Google, search the address and business name, this ensures ANY REVIEWS you have automatically sync on your listing page! If you don’t, feel free to add the city you work from.


Want to offer coupons to clients for specific services? Switch on the toggle to the right. Head over to the Coupons section in your Store Dashboard and add in a coupon. If not, leave this section off!

Hope this helps! Happy listing!

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