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Why ratings and reviews matter: A how-to guide to get more clients.

Why ratings and reviews matter: A how-to guide to get more clients.

Sharing testimonials from your clients on social media? In today’s landscape, unfortunately it’s not enough. Customers everywhere expect to see your business’ ratings and reviews almost immediately upon finding you. Why? Because they’re interested in one thing. Your credibility. They want to know whether what you provide can actually help them based on whether you’ve helped other people do that same thing. And the only way for them to understand that is through reading the experience of other people that have used your services.

Let’s look at some stats first….

90% of customer's look at reviews before making a purchase

90%?! Yes, you read that right. 90% of customer’s look at reviews before making a purchase. Many of you perhaps don’t have your business listed on Google, or you work at a Clinic or Office that generates ratings and reviews for the entire team. So it’s likely that the only reviews your getting are from your clients testimonials on social media or email. So how do you consolidate that and make it easy for new clients to read through and make that purchase? Having a one-stop-shop on WellMarket the includes every review you’ve ever collected. 

94% of customers say a negative review makes them avoid a business

Yes, unfortunately you also read that right. Just one negative review could scare some customers off. So what can you do to prevent this from happening? Communication. Following up with your client or customer directly after the experience to make sure they enjoyed it….and if not, ask or offer up a solution to help make them satisfied. This is called “reducing cognitive dissonance”, aka, reducing the risk of your client being dissatisfied after your service. 

But if you don’t end up getting a negative review, don’t be scared of it. A review is a review, and even if it’s negative, it’s an opportunity to start a conversation with your customer. Replying back with a solution to help that customer out is your #1 priority. It gives future customers and understanding of how deeply you value their time and service and that you’re willing to make things right. 

How to sync your Google Reviews

One of the best parts of WellMarket is the ability to sync any Google Reviews you have already generated. This is done when you initially set up your listing or business. In the Add Listing form, under the Location section, be sure to look up your Business Name in the Google Maps search bar. This automatically will sync any reviews you have and pull them into your listing. Woohoo!

How to follow up with a client

When a client books directly on WellMarket with you for a service, we send out an automatic email to ask them to rate and review their experience. But what if they book using your External Booking Link? You have a few options. If you use an automated email software, include the listing link in your email flow after a client has used your service to ask them to rate and review you on WellMarket. 

If you aren’t using an automated email software, consider sending a personalized email directly after your clients service and include your listing link to ask them for a review. Emphasize the importance of having them as your client, and by reviewing your service,  you can create a better experience for them in the future. 

We hope this helps! 

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