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Physiotherapy 80$ - 140$

Physiotherapist-Julie Walden (Bergin Motion)

Bergin Motion- 680 Bayview Drive Unit 8, Barrie, ON, Canada


Musculoskeletal pain, neurological rehabilitation (stroke. Parkinsons, SCI, MS), manual therapy, sports injuries, tendons and overuse injuries, shoulder pain, low back pain, neck and jaw/TMJ pain, general sprains and strains, postural dysfunctions, radicular pain, pain in mid and upper back, post surgical rehabilitation


Julie graduated from Queen’s University with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy in 2018, after completing her Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology and Physical Education from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2016. She began her career working at the TMJ Physiotherapy Clinic (Ottawa, ON) where she specialized in head, neck and jaw physiotherapy. She then moved to Montreal where she continued to focus on orthopedic physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation at Athletica Physio, while also widening her scope by practicing at an in-patient neurological rehabilitation hospital where she treated acute stroke and various neurological patients (GBS, MS, Parkinson’s etc). She has extensive experience working with patients with variety of musculoskeletal pains from simple sprains and strains, to sports and overuse injuries, to neurological radiculopathy and chronic pain. Julie has a special interest in injury prevention and maximizing patient’s health and performance by optimizing length and strength of musculature and soft tissue throughout the body.

Julie is very passionate about her patient’s understanding of the anatomy and physiology of their injuries and pain, and is committed to providing each of her patients with thorough patient education to ensure they understand why they are having pain and what they can do in order to alleviate it.

In addition to being a physiotherapist, Julie enjoys keeping active with regular resistance and HIIT training, Crossfit, and a variety of outdoor activities including hiking and cycling. She has played ice hockey for 13 years, and has played volleyball, soccer and field hockey recreationally throughout her life which has fueled her passion for living a healthy and active lifestyle.



  • Physiotherapy Assessment
    125 $
  • Physiotherapy 30 min Follow-Up
    80 $
  • Physiotherapy 45 min Follow-up
    110 $


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